Bungee in the News


Susanna & Sonia

St. Louis, MO

We forgot our backpack in a taxi and thought our stuff was gone forever! Thanks to Bungee our camer...

Drew Hunter

New York City

I'm embarrassed at how much I paid for my sunglasses so losing them would be a real bummer.

Don Braca

West Palm Beach, FL

I forgot my Mac on a plane in Miami. Before I even knew it was missing, I got a text telling me it ...

Alan Bontempo

Toma River, NJ

Like a moron I forgot my iPhone at a wedding in Baltimore. The next day I got an email saying I cou...

Bethanne Baker

Los Angeles

At a conference in the OC I left my jacket behind. Luckily Bungee was attached to the keys in the p...

Sarah Wilde

Madison, WI

On vacation in Maine, I left my purse at a restaurant. My iPhone, with a Bungee tag, was in the pur...